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As a national of HongKong, a Vietnam visa is required for your travel to Vietnam. Good news is that your nationality has been supported with Vietnam visa on arrival which is applied for those travelling by air only.
Nationals of HongKong, may have two options to apply for Vietnam visa: to directly visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy for Vietnam visa application, waiting 4 days or 1 week to get visa for Vietnam, OR to use our service of applying for Vietnam visa online for a more convenient way if travelling to Vietnam by air, waiting just 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) to receive a Vietnam visa approval letter and get Vietnam visa stamped at the Vietnam airport upon arrival.
General Information:

- Foreigners regardless of their respective nationality have to apply visa to Vietnam, except those who enjoy visa exemption
- Visa should be obtained BEFORE boarding a plane/ship from Hong Kong.
- Visa applications can be submitted to our Office directly or by a third party. There is no need of authorization letter but a third party has to show his/her HongKong ID/Macao ID or passport.
- All visa holders can enter Vietnam on or after the arrival date indicated in the visa and must depart Vietnam on or before the expiry date of the visa.

Requirements for Vietnam visa
(1). Original passport (remains valid at least one month from the expiry date of the visa),
(2). 01 photo (4x6cm, taken not more than 6 months ago, regardless of back or colour),
(3). 01 visa form with full details, be signed by the applicant.
(4). Letter of invitation or sponsorship from an institution and/or individual in Vietnam (if any for reference only).
(5). Foreigners holding ordinary passports issued by the some Special Countries (see separate instruction) will be required to submit booking air round ticket,booking hotel, contact persons and scheduled length of stay and plan in Vietnam, Hong Kong ID (if any).
Visa fee (including non-refundable processing fee) will be collected in cash when application form is submited.


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The first thing to be aware of for the Singapore business visa is that it will not be necessary if you expect your business to have finished within a month. There is a 30 day limit for tourists, business visitors and normal visitors, so even if you're negotiating a huge contract, you will not require a business visa for Singapore if it concludes within the month.

However, if you intend for your time to exceed the limit then you'll have to get a Singapore business visa. What is required for this? First of all, your passport must extend beyond the time period you intend to remain in Singapore. Business visa or not, you must be a legal visitor if you expect to be successful in the country. You will also need various identification and supporting documents for your business visa for Singapore, from colour photographs to evidence of your intention to leave. There may be other documents you can show that will speed up the process of getting your business visa for Singapore but you will need to speak to our visa consultants to get an individually tailored strategy.

If you've been convicted or have a history of being forcibly removed from countries then you may struggle to get your Singapore business visa. Likewise, there are other contributing factors that can lead to your application for a Singapore business visa.

Are you on plans to travel to Vietnam soon? Well, it could be that you have a new client or it could be that you are into a lovely South-East Asian holiday mood this time. Now, whatever be the reason behind your trip to Vietnam, you must be ready with the visa formalities. It’s to note here that Vietnam government has made the visa requirements mandatory for most of the foreign nationals traveling to Vietnam. The visa formality is necessary to assure a legitimate stay for the foreigners in Vietnam. You can apply for one-month visa or for 3 months as well, if you are planning an extended stay. Besides, you must have an active passport, valid for 6 months. The post below runs further details on Vietnam visa.
How to get Vietnam visa
First of all, it’s to note here that Vietnam visa is needed regardless of your means of travel to the country. There are basically two ways to get your Vietnam visa. One is the conventional route of attaining visa directly from Vietnam Embassy. Another route is the online way to attain the Vietnam visa.
Directly from Vietnam Embassy
In this case you would have to travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy office to apply and receive your Vietnam visa. It is a time consuming and elaborate process- hence you should plan early. You can browse the internet to know about the Vietnam Embassy office close to your location. The conventional route to attain Vietnam visa is available for any foreign national going to Vietnam- regardless of the means of travel.
The Online route to get visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam
When you go for the online route, there is no need to travel physically to the Vietnam Embassy office. There are online Vietnam visa companies to assist you here, enabling you to carry the process from home only. The whole process would be conducted online- be it visa application or payment submission or receipt of Vietnam visa approval letter. This is also called Vietnam visa on arrival facility as you will have your visa stamped when you reach the Vietnam international airport. However, it’s to note here that the online Vietnam visa on arrival facility is exclusively meant for travelers flying to Vietnam. The visa approval letter, accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department, would be sent to your email. You would need to take a print out of it and carry it to the Vietnam airport.
Vietnam visa exemption
It’s to note here that Vietnam government has exempted some countries from visa formalities for a certain period of time-

Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Laos- 30 days maximum

Philippines- maximum 21 days

Myanmar & Brunei- maximum 14 days

Japan, Russia, Finland, South Korea, Norway, Sweden- 15 days maximum

APEC ABTC candidates- maximum 60 days


Besides, from 2014, nationals from Australia, India, France, UK & Germany have also been exempted from Vietnam visa formalities by the Vietnam government. This particular facility is meant for the government officers with the diplomat passport who would be on official trip to the country.


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